Buprenorphine Treatment

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Be it general opiate addiction or Heroine addiction, Book your Buprenorphine® treatment florence,ky today with the leading and authorized Buprenorphine® doctors at all our OBOT (Office Based Opiate Treatment) Synergy Health Care centers.

At each Synergy Health Care center, each patient is treated with utmost care and a separate treatment plan is prepared as per the condition of the patient. It is ensured that not only that the patient is motivated to leave addiction behind, but he or she is guided and counseled on how to lead an addiction free life in the future.

As we all understand that at the time when the patient is affected by the addiction, they often commit certain deeds which are socially embarrassing. It is important that people who are around them should treat them will love, care and respect which will enable them to regain their confidence.

And, at Synergy Health Care, we treat patients not just with Buprenorphine® treatment, but we counsel them and help them in gaining back their self confidence with help of group counseling sessions and peer group interactions.

How Buprenorphine® Addiction Treatment Helps?

Buprenorphine® is a partial agonist opioid and is used to treat opiate addiction with high dosage. It is also used to treat pain and even nausea in some specific cases as that of antiemetic cases. The medicine does not have the same side affects as that of a full opioid. As against full opioid agonists Buprenorphine® reduces the risk of opioid addiction, abuse and side effects. It can suppress the effects of full opioid agonists and can cause sudden withdrawal.

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