Rehab clinic

Substance abuse disorder has created a national crisis, especially in the U.S. Everyone should participate actively to eradicate the addiction from society. Synergy Health Care has joined the initiative long before and started campaigns for opioid addiction treatments to spread awareness.

Everyone must know the signs and symptoms of opioid addictions. Many people take opioids to get highs. Opioids attach to the receptor sites of the brain and increase the emission of dopamine responsible for generating pleasure. So, people take opioids to feel good, but they get addicted to drugs.

If you are suffering from opioid addiction, you should not waste time and consult with an experienced doctor. This addiction cannot be healed by you alone. Medical support makes the journey easier and helps you stay determined not to take opioids.

At Synergy Health Care, one of the best Rehab Clinic in Florence, Kentucky, you will get the best treatment. We have the best team of doctors specialized in suboxone and MAT treatments. We understand that only medicines will not offer comprehensive help to opioid addictions. To support their psychological help, we have included behavioral and counseling therapies so that they can feel strong and courageous while being on the treatments.

You will get a holistic approach to your opioid addiction treatments. The environment of our rehab clinics respects confidential treatments. So, you can disclose everything with us. Call us or visit our branch in Florence, Kentucky.