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Opioid addiction can be controllable. If you get dependent on opioids, Synergy Health Care is there to help you. With the proper care and medicines, we help people to come out of addictions. We always request people to collect information and knowledge about opioid addiction so that they can address the crisis better than others. You can also ensure that your close ones are safe. But, you find someone is suffering from opioid addiction, you can call Synergy Health Care.


Fear, anger, stress are some of the most common signs of opioid withdrawal. Connect with your doctor for the treatment. Understand the complications and find out the right treatment choice for you.

Stay Informed

Opioids affect psychologically and physically. So, the treatment is required for your addiction. Synergy is the best choice for your treatments. We have the best team of doctors and they are addressing the right options for your health. Understand the addictions and act accordingly.

Talk to Your Loved One

Be helpful and supportive if your family member or a close is suffering from opioid addiction. If you are the person who has the addiction, you can talk to your loved one and express your thoughts.

Our Services

Synergy has a well-organized environment for suboxone treatment. It is an approved drug by the FDA and our doctors prescribe the right dose for you.

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You can book an appointment with our Subutex doctors and start your opioid addiction treatments. Subutex is another well-known drug for your opioid addiction.

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Book your appointment with our doctor and start your addiction treatment. Take a positive step to heal your addiction.

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If you want to shift your treatment from methadone to suboxone, our doctor will provide you with the right medical help to avoid any health complications.

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Complete care in opioid addiction treatment proves to be very effective. every patient will get medicinal as well as therapy support for your treatment.

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Medicine alone cannot provide patients with the best relief. With behavioral and counseling therapy, we inspire patients to positive lives.

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We also offer several medical services, including:

1. Suboxone® and Vivitrol Injections
2. Infectious Disease Screenings
3. Treatment of Minor Medical Issues
4. Hormonal Assessments
5. Weight Loss Clinic

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Synergy Health Care is a licensed addiction treatment clinic in OBOT (Office-Based Opioid Treatment) and provides medication via Suboxone® and Subutex®. Synergy Health Care is a fully-integrated clinic that provides addiction cure services to people living in the U.S. We believe in serving effective opioid medication and cure to opioid addicts in an office-based sitting in our clinic. Synergy Health Care holds years of experience in delivering top-notch addiction treatment under the guidance of renowned professionals who not only help their patients in achieving holistic recovery but also follow up patients until they overcome the relapse phase. Depending on the drugs in your system, you may need to go through a detoxification process, or “detox”. Medical Detox is our highest level of care and involves round-the-clock medical monitoring of the withdrawal process to ensure that your body safely heals from opioid dependency.