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Opioid dependence is common. The reason for the opioid dependence is not known exactly because people in their lives experience so many things. They go through many traumatic situations, and to get relief, they start taking opioids. But, this makes the situation worse and when they wanted to come out, they give because of withdrawal symptoms. Some people are prescribed prescription opioids and for the long-term use of the medicine, it causes opioid dependence.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2003 revealed that:

  • 4.7 million people at or above the age of 12 misused pain relievers in 2003. In 2001, around 2.5 million people took pain relievers non-medically. There was a dramatic rise in the misuse of pain relievers from 1970 to 2001.

The data has revealed that till 2003, around 3.7 million Americans age at or above 12 years tried the drug at least once in their lives. 4000,00 people said that they used heroin in the last year. As time goes, the availability of heroin gets higher. People started snorting or smoking heroin, thinking that these ways are less addictive. The use of heroin is growing among young adults and many suburban countries.

The exact reason of using opioid is not clear. Those who use opioids to get highs are likely to get dependent on opioids. But, some people get addicted to drugs faster and behind this, certain factors are there. These are mentioned below.

  • Risk-taking or novelty-seeking personality
  • Psychiatric disorder
  • Stress
  • Genetic factors

The use of Buprenorphine is made legal by the FDA in 2003 and it is available in the name of Suboxone. In Europe, Buprenorphine has been used from the mid-90s. More than 4000,000 people with opioid-dependence have been given Buprenorphine for the treatment.

Many people believe that the treatment with suboxone does not offer complete relief from the addiction. They thought it is a mere replacement from strong opioids to less strong opioids. You need to remember that every opioid causes physical dependence. Buprenorphine is called a partial opioid agonist that does not cause highs but acts similarly like full opioids. The medicine also causes physical dependence and shows withdrawal symptoms not as strong as full opioids.

You need to consult with the best suboxone treatment for your opioid addiction. The right dose may block the side effects. Follow your doctor’s advice always.

Suboxone has a lower chance to cause fatal overdose-related health issues. Still, you should not overdose the medicine. Suboxone has less effect on breathing and it does not slow your breathing as full opioids do when you overdose the drug. So, death-related symptoms can be caused by Suboxone. But, the intravenous misuse of suboxone along with other drugs causes serious health issues.

Yes, you can change your treatment and can go under the suboxone treatment from methadone. But your decision should be guided by your doctor. Follow their advice and do what will be the best thing for you.

You are in the withdrawal phase when you start suboxone. Suboxone is prescribed for treating your opioid addiction. This means you have already strong opioids in your body. Being a partial opioid agonist, suboxone replaces the strong opioids gradually and blocks them from the receptor sites of the brain. So, you may feel sick when you start suboxone. But it is a treatment that makes you feel good in the future. Let your doctor assess your withdrawal and they prescribe the right medicines for your addiction treatments.

The length of suboxone treatment will solely be decided by your doctor after analyzing your health conditions. For some, short-term treatment proves to be effective. But, others need a complete treatment plan along with behavioral and counseling therapies.

Opioid addiction not only makes you physically poor, but it also disturbs your psychological conditions. Many a time, short-term treatment increases the chances of relapse because patients don’t acquire the skills to maintain their health conditions rightly.

You must opt for the treatments that include both medicines and behavioral therapies. You should not discontinue the treatments suddenly. Your body needs time to adjust to your present health conditions. From addictions to a less addictive mode, your body goes through the real changes.

Always consult with your doctors as they can guide you with the best way to stop your suboxone treatment. They taper of the medicines gradually to keep you away from the addiction.

Where Can I Consult a suboxone doctor?

Not every doctor can prescribe suboxone medicines. It needs authorized persons to do this. Doctors who have specialization in the addiction treatments and those who have got special training in the addiction can prescribe suboxone medicines. Check whether your doctor is certified or not. You can call your local health center and contact the psychological department for the treatments.

What safety information should I know about suboxone?

You must maintain safety details when you are on the suboxone treatment.

Keep in mind:

Intravenous misuse of buprenorphine along with benzodiazepines or other CNS depressants (including alcohol) may cause serious health conditions, including respiratory depressions and death.

Suboxone and other drugs:

You should deter yourself from mixing suboxone with other drugs like benzodiazepines, alcohol, sleeping pills, and other tranquilizers, certain antidepressants, or other opioid medications. Mixing the suboxone with other drugs cause serious health issues, including drowsiness, unconsciousness, and even death.

Potential for abuse:

SUBOXONE and SUBUTEX® CIII can be abused and cause dependence on opioid dependence.

Contact your doctor if you experience an uncomfortable situation after taking suboxone. Only experienced persons can guide people in the right way. contact the best rehab clinic and start your treatments.