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Are you addicted to pain medication or heroine Is your life out of control?

Opioid Addiction Treatment

opioid Addiction can destroy everything in your life. Before it becomes too late, you can contact with our doctor and start your treatments. If someone close to you is suffering from opioid addiction, you must gather information regarding opioid addiction treatments. It helps you identify the situation he/she is going through and you can take necessary steps to help him. The most common types of opioids that cause addiction are heroin, fentanyl, morphine, Oxycodone®, Percocet®, and prescription pain killers.

Opioid addiction is the reason for the national crisis in a nation where people died of an opioid overdose every day in the United States. You need professional help with your treatments. Synergy is in the service for many years. We aim to make society addiction free.

Our treatment always adheres to the respectful and confidential process so that patients can express their health issues rightly to our doctors.

Your First Appointment

The first consultation always includes so many questions because you are curious about the treatment process and you are worried about your health also. Consult with our doctors and we ensure that the conversation will be carried out in a friendly environment. You can open up about your health issues completely. We also do physical and psychological analysis to understand your requirements better.


Medications are needed to keep every change under control. When you started opioid addiction, your body gets exposed to some dangerous habits and your brain relies on opioids for generating happiness and pleasure. Restoring your brain’s performance is necessary.


Only medicines cannot offer the needed relief from opioid addictions. Patients also require therapies and they are designed as per the individual’s needs. These therapies introduce spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological calmness. These therapies make people understand the value of happiness. Addiction can be devastating but when patients get the right treatment, the journey will be easier for you.

Ongoing and After-Treatment Care

We are staying close to the patients and we are updating our treatment plans for your comfort. We are with you from the beginning to the end of the treatments.

Synergy has a well-organized environment for suboxone treatment. It is an approved drug by the FDA and our doctors prescribe the right dose for you.

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You can book an appointment with our Subutex doctors and start your opioid addiction treatments. Subutex is another well-known drug for your opioid addiction.

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Book your appointment with our doctor and start your addiction treatment. Take a positive step to heal your addiction.

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If you want to shift your treatment from methadone to suboxone, our doctor will provide you with the right medical help to avoid any health complications.

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Complete care in opioid addiction treatment proves to be very effective. every patient will get medicinal as well as therapy support for your treatment.

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Medicine alone cannot provide patients with the best relief. With behavioral and counseling therapy, we inspire patients to positive lives.

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We also offer several medical services, including:

1. Suboxone® and Vivitrol Injections
2. Infectious Disease Screenings
3. Treatment of Minor Medical Issues
4. Hormonal Assessments
5. Weight Loss Clinic

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Understanding opioid addiction:

Opioid addiction occurs when you abuse prescription opioids or take illegal opioids for getting highs. These substances attach to the receptor sites of the brain and disturb the brain’s performance. Your brain relies on drugs for generating pleasure and happiness. Not taking the medicines causes health issues and withdrawal symptoms and you feel a strong craving for the drugs. This is how you get addicted to opioids.

How you get addicted to opioids:

All opioids have the potential to abuse. If you are taking prescription opioids, then you must need to consult with your doctor. The long term use of opioids can cause health issues and you get dependent on the drugs. Illegal opioids cause addiction and euphoric conditions. opioids bring changes in the chemical transmission of the brain. You get dependent on the drugs for some natural functions of the brain. And it turned into addiction when you feel withdrawal symptoms for not taking the drugs.

The risks:

The risk is associated with the overdose of the drugs. This means when you take the medicine in higher quantity, it causes disturbs the respiratory functions and generates fatal health issues.


Withdrawal starts when you experience an uncomfortable health situation due to not taking the drugs. Some of the common symptoms are restlessness, muscle pain, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, and more.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Call Synergy and start your addiction treatment because you cannot handle the tricky situation caused by your addictions regardless of your determination. Though the withdrawal phase is not life-threatening, it has a higher chance of relapse. So, seek help from an experienced doctor and take a step to your addiction treatment.

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