Our Mission Statement

Opioid addiction makes people physically and psychologically poor and it is also attached to the social stigma. So, we are offering treatments with confidentiality so you can express your discomfort with us in a friendly way. Our mission is to make society addiction-free and we need your support to fulfill our mission. With medicines and therapies, we promise to make your recovery journey easy which you cannot do alone. So, call Synergy Health Care and book an appointment with our doctors for your treatments.

We have included MAT treatments for offering relief from opioid addiction. With the help of medicines and therapies, we treat people with addictions. We aim to offer complete care to patients so that they can feel relaxed from the opioid addictions. Our doctors rely on suboxone medicines because it has a higher success rate and it is also less complicated than other medicines used in opioid addictions.

Buprenorphine is a sole compound that makes the medicine successful. There is also another ingredient in the drug called Naloxone – the medicine becomes active when someone tries to overdose the drugs. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist that attaches to the receptor sites of the brain that are occupied by full opioid agonists. The compound reduces the effect of full opioids while suppressing the withdrawal symptoms.

We are hopeful that we together can make society addiction free. We are always there for your help. Call us or contact us for the treatments. Your one decision can help you get back the life that you have lost due to the addiction.

Our Founder and Medical Director

To offer an establishment for opioid addiction treatment, Dr. A. Akhter and Dr. Deepak Mittal invested their experience and knowledge to found Synergy Health Care – one of the best health care centers for treating opioid addictions. They have successful names in the field of addiction treatments and they have been in the service for many years. Dr. A. Akhter is a licensed doctor for prescribing the suboxone medicines from the time the medicine was approved by the FDA. He acquired formal training in one of the GME programs at Harvard Medical School. He is specialized in suboxone treatment and is practicing in the field for so many years. 

Dr. Akhtar completed his medical degree from medical school in India and went for further studies in England and Ireland. He got a diploma in psychological Florence, KY 41042 the Royal College of England. Dr. Akhtar is serving untiringly for helping people who are suffering from heroin addiction, methadone dependency, and acute pain.

Dr. Deepak Mittal is another name who is co-founded synergy and gave his valuable support for making a treatment center that is easily available to people. He is a renowned doctor in the field and prescribing medicines for opioid addiction. Synergy Health Care is offering a new life to patients who are suffering from addiction-related issues. We have the best doctor team that treats your addiction in the best way.

Our Services

Synergy has a well-organized environment for suboxone treatment. It is an approved drug by the FDA and our doctors prescribe the right dose for you.

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You can book an appointment with our Subutex doctors and start your opioid addiction treatments. Subutex is another well-known drug for your opioid addiction.

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Book your appointment with our doctor and start your addiction treatment. Take a positive step to heal your addiction.

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If you want to shift your treatment from methadone to suboxone, our doctor will provide you with the right medical help to avoid any health complications.

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Complete care in opioid addiction treatment proves to be very effective. every patient will get medicinal as well as therapy support for your treatment.

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Medicine alone cannot provide patients with the best relief. With behavioral and counseling therapy, we inspire patients to positive lives.

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We also offer several medical services, including:

1. Suboxone® and Vivitrol Injections
2. Infectious Disease Screenings
3. Treatment of Minor Medical Issues
4. Hormonal Assessments
5. Weight Loss Clinic

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Synergy Health Care is a licensed addiction treatment clinic in OBOT (Office-Based Opioid Treatment) and provides medication via Suboxone® and Subutex®. Synergy Health Care is a fully-integrated clinic that provides addiction cure services to people living in the U.S. We believe in serving effective opioid medication and cure to opioid addicts in an office-based sitting in our clinic. Synergy Health Care holds years of experience in delivering top-notch addiction treatment under the guidance of renowned professionals who not only help their patients in achieving holistic recovery but also follow up patients until they overcome the relapse phase. Depending on the drugs in your system, you may need to go through a detoxification process, or “detox”. Medical Detox is our highest level of care and involves round-the-clock medical monitoring of the withdrawal process to ensure that your body safely heals from opioid dependency.

Why synergy health care?


Appointments are one-on-one and your information is always confidential.


Our warm staff will always greet you and treat you with the utmost respect.


Our doctors specialize in medical and therapeutic treatment of opiate addiction


Since 2003 we have helped thousands on their path to recovery.


We are open 7 days a week with 3 locations:
Florence, KY 41042


Our beautiful, welcoming offices provide a safe, private, comfortable environment for your car

Complete Care

We provide a broad range of treatments and services to assist in your recovery

Proven Results

Our success rates are unparalleled. See our Statistical Data and real Success Stories

Am I Addicted?

Opioid (Narcotic) Addiction is Biological, Psychological, and Social

Physical symptoms
Physical symptoms

Cravings for Drugs, withdrawal, and sleep disturbance.

Psychological symptoms
Psychological symptoms

Anxiety, Agitation, Loss of interest in activities, tolerance

Social symptoms
Social symptoms

Lonely life, neglect important events, avoid public gathering, get involved in illegal and criminal cases.

Health Insurance

We are now accepting some private health insurance


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